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  1. The Cult Files is everything you would expect from a book with that title. It was creepy, detailed and all true. The book contains seventeen informative stories about cults. Not one detail is left out no matter how gruesome they may be.4/5(11).
  2. Info-Cult, also known as Info-Secte, is a non-profit group that offers information to the Canadian public about religious cults and related topics. From its office in Montreal, it also provides support to people who were victimized as members of a sect.. The group was founded by Mike Kropveld, who is still its Executive Director. In , Kropveld was involved with journalist Josh Freed Formation:
  3. Traditional Cult Example: A new cult recruit meets all members at prayer meetings, potlucks and sing-alongs. They all become close friends. A few months later, one of the friends—who is now really familiar brings up the idea of tithing (giving money to the cult leader). This is an unfamiliar idea brought by a familiar face.
  4. May 01,  · The cult would of ruled once again if they had stead the course and followed in the direction of "Painted On My Heart",i was filled with anticipation when i heard this song and to think the cult i remembered for fantastic rock was coming back,yet it was not meant to be as the cult again fell from my grace and created a plastic disc with.
  5. A common theme to cult beliefs is extra-terrestrial life, and the Raëlism cult, founded in , is one of the most notorious cults to believe in aliens. A Frenchman named Claude Vorilhon started the movement when he claimed he had a vision of an alien spacecraft. Inside the vessel, the beings gave him a Bible and told him that humans were the.
  6. Jun 18,  · This documentary tells the devastating and harrowing tale of the Peoples Temple cult, led by Jim Jones. Sadly, the Peoples Temple is most famously known for their mass suicide, which ended in the deaths of over cult members, including of their own children in their Guyana settlement of Jonestown.
  7. Other times, the cult simply rebrands and carries on (looking at you, Osho). Podcasts are a great entry point to the world of cults (without actually having to join one). The mix of storytelling.
  8. Mar 08,  · The New York Times reported on the psychology of the cult experience by interviewing several experts in the field of psychiatry, one being Dr. Stanley H. Cath of Tufts University. The definition of a cult that he gave to the Times is "a group of people joined together by a common ideological system, fostered by a charismatic leader." Often, when people think .
  9. Apocalypse Cult: These guys actively seek to usher in the apocalypse, usually by summoning some long forgotten God of Evil to make the world anew.; Breeding Cult: A cult that intends on populating the Earth with a specific type of human, whether it is a master race or a superhuman.; Cargo Cult: Worships a particular nonliving MacGuffin.; Scam Religion: A false belief system, .

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