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  1. Sound Synesthesia is when a piece of music evokes the perception of shapes, colors, and movements. It is also called Chromosthesia and a very common form of Synesthesia. Maybe you are a synesthete, too? Learn more about your sense of hearing and how to be more aware of music.
  2. Jan 31,  · So what do sound-color synesthetes actually, you know, see when they hear music? Well, it depends; each synesthete has a unique color palette with Author: Ryan Dombal.
  3. Jan 08,  · Synaesthesia Auditiva. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Try it free. Album · · 11 Songs. Sign In For You Browse Radio Open in iTunes. Try Beta. Sign In Sign In Synaesthesia Auditiva Derek Duke Released on: January 08,
  4. Synaesthesia in music and in translation. Synaesthesia might be defined as: [ ] a figure of speech consisting of translating meanings, attributed to a perceived sensory impression typical of other sensations. Thus, a piece of music (sound event) could be considered sweet (sense of taste), rough (tactile) or brilliant (visual).
  5. Are you a synesthete? Find it out with the online synesthesia tests about letters, numbers, weekdays and months. Discover your potential synesthetic abilities and learn how you can integrate synesthesia with sensory mindfulness into your daily life.
  6. Synesthesia is a live music visualizer and VJ Software. Create beautiful live music visuals using midi mappable controls. Download the free demo for Mac.
  7. What color is my name? That's the first question I get whenever someone finds out I have Grapheme-color synesthesia. This site is a gallery of name visualizations, a .
  8. Fast, loud music at a high pitch might be perceived as agitated because when people are agitated, they move more quickly and raise their voices both in pitch and volume. Similarly, slow, quiet, low-pitched music may sound sadder or calmer because when people are sad or calm, they move more slowly and speak more quietly in a lower register.

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